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IndoAdvocate.com is a web portal dedicated to users who look for information regarding lawyers and law firms in Indonesia. Developed and maintained by PT.Global e-Solusi,  IndoAdvocate.com has served both Indonesian and International communities, either individual or business organizations, in finding their best lawyer and/or law firms to represent them.

Our goal is to provide you with complete and up-to-date lawyers' & law firms' information for FREE and, most importantly, make your search faster and easier by utilizing the information technology.

We are glad that you have taken advantage of our web site and we hope you satisfy with all the services provided. However, as part of effort to provide you with satisfactory services, we would like to hear from you, either comment or suggestion, regarding our website by sending us an email to improve@indoadvocate.com

Thank you.

IndoAdvocate.com Team


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