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Please choose one of the following question bellow. If you cannot find your answer, please email  your question to  faq@indoadvocate.com. Our staff will get back to you immediately.
How can I  information in different cities and practice areas at the same time, so I don't have to go back and forth every time?
We provide advance search that allow you to choose more than one cities as well as practice areas. Click here or the "Advance Search" link  above to view the advance search page.
I am an Indonesian lawyer/law firm and I cannot find my information listed on your website.
We would be more than happy to add your information to our website. Please contact us at (021) 315-6433 or email us the number where you can be reached, our staff will help you listed in our website in no time.
What is the emergency lawyer is all about?
Emergency lawyers are those who claimed that they are available at almost any time to represent you.
Why there is only several lawyers and law firms information listed for my city?
That is because not all lawyers and law firms in your city provide their information in IndoAdvocae.com. Please contact us and tell us the name of the city and province where you live, and we will do our best get those information listed in IndoAdvocate.com.
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