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Poltak, Astuti & Associates

Law Firm Address : Jl. K.H. Wahid Hasyim No.12D Lantai 2-3 Jakarta  
Law Firm Phone : (021) 314-0229, 319-26674  
Law Firm Fax : (021) 314-0416  
Law Firm Website : -- N/A --  
The Firm
The Firm

POLTAK, ASTUTI & ASSOCIATES, advocates and legal consultans located in Jakarta Indonesia, specialized in litigation and legal consultants. The Law firm has been established since April 1990. We feel we are uniquely able to assist you to conduct your legal matters in Indonesia.

Name and Address

Jalan K.H. Wahid Hasyim No. 12 D, Lantai III
Jakarta 10340


Telephone No. (62-21) 3140229, 3140416
Faximile No. (62-21) 3140416

E-mail :

  • Partnership with Advocates in several cities of Indonesia;
  • Corespondency and partnership with Solicitors office in other countries;
  • Having several practical lawyers whose had license from The Chief of High Court in Indonesia;
  • Receiver (Kurator) and Administrator;
  • Legal Consultant of Capital Market.


  1. Civil action  : 

    • to sue out a claim in court

    • to make defense

    • to carry execution into effect

  2. Criminal Action

    • to make a criminal report

    • to monitor progress of criminal report or criminal case

  3. Labour Case

    • to monitor implementation and to sue out a claim of company – labour regulation

    • to submit labour case in Manpower Departement

    • to apply working termination permit

  4. Insurance

    • to make claims

  5. Bankrupcy cases

    • to make The Bankruptcy Petition

    • to make The Suspension of Payment Petition

  6. The Receiver:

    • Ms. R. Astuti Sitanggang, SH
      The Receiver registered No.C-HT.05.14-46, 1999

    • Mr. Poltak Silaban, SH 
      The Receiver registered No.C-HT.05.15-01, 2003

  7. The Capital Market

  • Mr. Poltak Silaban, SH
    The Legal Consultant of Capital Market registered No. 409/PM/STTD-KH/2001

  • Ms. R. Astuti Sitanggang, SH
     The Legal Consultant of Capital Market registered No. 401/PM/STTD-KH/2001

  1. Corporate Lawyer

    • to provide consultation on contracting

    • to develop contractual agreement

    • to provide consultation on company progress and potentials

    • to examine legal papers/documents

  2. Labour affairs

    • to examine legal papers on labour

    • to train workers on law affairs

    • to negotiate with deadwood employees

  3. Insurance:

    • to examine insurance polish

  4. Capital Market:

    • to provide consultation on stock member take over

    • to conduct the take over

  5. Property:

    • to negotiate claims on property contract

    • to handle upgrading of land status

  6. Investment:

    • to provide  consultation on investment regulation

    • to conduct  the  investment  process   on The Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM)

  7. Administrator:

    • to manage The Asset of Debitor during The suspension of Payment until the problem/debts settle

  8. Liquidator:

    • to take care of the Liquidation

  9. Arbitration:

    • to   handle arbitration case on Arbitration institute or Ad Hoc Arbitration

The Clients

For your information, we are Legal Consultant and Lawyer of :

  1. Bank and Financial Companies :

  • Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk

  • Danamon Bank in Jakarta

  • Harmoni Bank in Jakarta

  • Bank Perkreditan Rakyat (BPR) PSP Group

  • Bank Perkreditan Rakyat (BPR) Dharmala Group

  • Danamon Finance

  • MBF Leasing (Joint Venture of Malaysia)

  • Dharmala International Bank Limited

  1. Property Companies :

  • Property Companies in PSP Group

  • Property Companies in Napan Group

  • PT. Dharmala Intiland

  • Ciputra Group

  • PT. Abadi Mukti (Group)

  • Homes 21

  • Hotel Cemara-Jakarta

  • PT. Batara Artika Prima

  1.  Other Companies:

  • Napan Group

  • Wapoga Group

  • PT. Dok & Perkapalan Kodja Bahari

  • PT. Mekasindo Dharma Internasional

  • PT. Pace Dharmala Airtech

  • Several Companies in Garment Field

  • PT. Ferro Mas Dinamika (Joint Venture with United States of America’s Company)

  • PT. Cargill Indonesia (Joint Venture with United States of America’s Company)

  • PT. Skypak Internasional (TNT) (Joint Venture with United States of America’s Company)

  • PT. Hyundai Wigantara Metal (Joint Venture with South Korea’s Company)

  • PT. Teckkindo Mas Engineering (Joint Venture with South Korea’s Company)

  • PT. Lifung Indonesia (Joint Venture with South Korea’s Company)

  • PT. Hexindo Adiperkasa Tbk (Joint Venture with Japan’s Company)

  • PT. Smart Corporation (Sinar Mas Group)

  1. Securities Companies :

  • PT. Dharmala Securities

  • PT. Suprasurya Danawan Sekuritas

  1.  Other Companies and individuals cannot be mentioned one by one.


Lawyers (profiles available on IndoAdvocate.com)
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