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Khaerul Saleh & Co.

Law Firm Address : DINAR Building 4th Floor, Jl. Raden Saleh No. 4, Jakarta 10430  
Law Firm Phone : (62-21) 390-1114, 390-1115  
Law Firm Fax : (62-21) 390-1114  
Law Firm Website : -- N/A --  
The Firm


Khaerul Saleh & Co. Law Firm is located in Jakarta  and  can handle legal cases in Indonesia

  • Office
    DINAR Building 4th Floor
    Jl. Raden Saleh No. 4
    Jakarta 10430

  •  Phone
    (62-21) 390 1114
    (62-21) 390 1115

  • Facsimile
    (62-21) 390 1114

Vision & Mission

  • Equal  right to defend and receive legal services

  • Excellent coordination in handiling problems

About Us

KHAERUL SALEH & Co. LAW FIRM, is a professional law office founded in Jakarta on June 2, 2000, providing legal services.

We provide high quality professionals for legal services who can create added values and solutions in handling legal issues.

In solving legal issues, our professionals we are well-trained in providing the best solutions for our clients by going through a very creative process that can provide added value which later can be experienced by the clients.

Currently our law office has successfully provided add values to its clients in handling variety of legal issues , and will always improve its quality in servicing its clients.

Our Legal Services

  • Solve any legal problems and/or conflicts through negotiation / Mediation & Arbitration.

  • Accompany and defend our clients in criminal cases, starting form the investigation to court.

  • Acting as the attorney of law n handling legal issues resulting disputes,  conflict and difference regarding running businesses that have to be solved through court, among others:

    • Civil Jurisdiction in Judicature District Court, High Court and Appellate Court.

    • Judicature of Administration State in Jurisdiction Justice Arrange the Effort State, High Court Arrange the Effort State and Appellate Court.

    • Judicature of Commerce in Jurisdiction District Court or Commerce and Appellate Court.

  • Acting as the attorney in law  in solving marriage disputes, whether about divorce, inheritance, adoption in Religious Court or in State Court.

  • Providing assistance and advices to anticipate and avoid disputes, conflicts and differences,  and also anticipating for other legal problems that might arise related to business, among others:

    • Providing consultancy and legal opinion in preparing and planning form of agreements and contracts related to corporate activities.

    • Performing legal audit and preparing legal opinion related to business activities.

    • Providing legal assistance for solving conflicts, disputes, differences and contradiction related to labor within a company.

    • Representing a company for legal purposes in every transaction and negotiation with the appointed third party.

    • Handling and processing every Permission and Licensing related to business activities.

    • Handling and processing Purchasing & Liberating Rights for land including guaranteeing and liberating its right.

    • Performing and processing insurance claims and demanding compensation.

    • Conducting and management of insurance claim and also file a bill compensatory.

    • Performing addiction & negotiation. each credit & debtor creditor from a company

    • Maintain & manage actions and legal efforts related to business activities.

  • In the area of Intellectual Property:

    The Law Office of Khaerul Saleh & Co also poses skills and experiences in handling Intellectual Property which belong to our clients in Indonesia, by acting as the attorney of law for:

    • Drafting and submitting the Request Application for Intellectual Property Registration (trademark, copyright, patent, industrial design, etc) to the Dirjen HaKi Departemen Kehakiman & HAM Republik Indonesia or outside Indonesia through partnership between the Law Office of Khaerul Saleh & Co. and Dirjen HAKi.

    • Preparing and negotiating the structure for agreement of transfer of Intellectual Property and later register it to the Dirjen HAKi

    • Solve and Pacifying Intellectual Property disputes through District Court or Commerce and Appellate Court.

Special Expertises

Special expertise that poses by Khaerul Saleh & Co. Law Firm are as follow:


  • Some of the Receiver duty:

    • Conducting Management and or Settlement Of Estae Bankrupt ; Section 12 sentence (1) & Section 67 sentence (1) UUK.

    • Saving Estate Bankrupt, such as confiscating  ornament goods, effects, letter  marketable securities and also Money (Section 89 UUK).

    • Menyegel harta benda si Pailit atas persetujuan Hakim Pengawas (Pasal 90 UUK).

    • Compiling Estate Bankrupt inventories (Section 91 sentence (1) UUK).

    • Compiling List Debt & Receivable Estate Bankrupt pursuant to Approval of Committee Creditor.

    • Receiver can continue the Effort expressed Debitor is Bankrupt (Section 95 sentence (1) UUK) on approval Judge Supervisor..

    • Receiver can move isn't it or sell Estate Bankrupt as long as needed to to close bankrupt fare (Section 98 UUK).

    • Receiver can profited un-needed to cash do management (Section 99 sentence ( 2) UUK).

  • Some of the Administrator duty :

    • Perform monitoring to the wealth of the debtor (Section l226 sentence (1) UUK).

    • Together with the debtor to take care all the things related to the estate of the debtor (Section 214 sentence ( (2) UUK).

    • Report every 3 (three) months the condition/status of  the wealth of the debtor to the office of Panitra Justice of Commerce so it can be reviewed by public free of charge (Section 225 sentence ( (1) UUK).

    • Propose requests to Supervisor judge to be period of report can be lengthened ( Section 225 sentence ( ( 2) UUK).


That is readiness of our law office which is showed as company likuidator is disbanded pursuant to Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholder ( RUPS) with duty’s as arranged in Law of Number 1 Year 1995 concerning LimitedCompany.

Member of The Firm


Is the managing partner of the KHAERUL SALEH & Co LAW FIRM, born in Jakarta in 1965, achieve the bachelor degree in law for the Civil Law.

His practical experiences in the field of legal service for approximately 7 (seven) years and handling variety of legal problems, among them are:

  • Solving Civil Dispute & Labor
  • Corporate & Investment
  • Agreement
  • Constitutional Law
  • Marriage & Inheritance
  • Bankruptcy

The following are some of the institutions and companies:

  • PT. Bank Negara Indonesia ( Persero ) Tbk.
  • PT. Swadharma Surya Finance
  • PT. Dana Pensiun Bank Negara Indonesia
  • Yayasan Dapenso
  • PT. Tri Handayani Utama
  • PT. Karya Titan
  • PT. Bank Perkreditan Rakyat Swadharma

Khaerul Saleh is currently registered as the member of the Association of Indonesian Advocates (IKADIN) and member of the Asosiasi Kurator dan Pengurus Indonesia (AKPI), as one of his expertise in the field of legal services as Receiver and Administrator.


Is one of the Associate in the KHAERUL SALEH & Co. LAW FIRM, born in Padang in 1972 and achieved his bachelor degree in law from the Bung Hatta University, Padang wih specialty in Civil Economic.

His practical experiences in the field of legal service for approximately 7 (seven) years and handling variety of legal problems:

  • Civil Problem, Labor, Man power, Intellectual Property, Marriage and Inheritance, Bankruptcy, Agreement, Banking, Constitutional Law, Insurance, Company, etc. both for litigation and non-litigation.

His experience since 1997 on

  • Notary Office of H. M. AFDAL GAZALI, SH
  • Law Office of YULIS, MARTIN, & PARTNERS

He currently member of KKAI and IKADIN Jakarta


Is one of the Associate in the KHAERUL SALEH & Co. LAW FIRM, born in Cirebon in 1977 and received his bachelor degree in law from the University of Islam Indonesia (UII) Yogyakarta and Notary Magister from the University of Gadjah Mada (UGM) Yogyakarta.

His experiences in the field of advocacy and legal service for 5 (five) years and handling variety of legal problems:

  • Civil problems, Criminal problems, Labor, Man power, Intellectual Property, Marriage and Inheritance, Bankruptcy, Constitutional Law, Banking, Insurance, Company, Leasing, Land, Housing, Terrorism, Structural, and other legal issues/problems including Legal Opinion, Legal Audit, Legal Memorandum, litigation and non-litigation.

The following are some of the institutions and companies:

  • Head On duty Industry and Commerce of Sub-Province of Cirebon.
  • Dunia Bahari Shoping Center Tegal
  •  AFHAN Collections (SEKAR LIMA BATIK)
  • Rental Car SGH Cirebon
  • Leasing Asia Finance
  • Leasing ACC

His experiences since 2000 on:

  • Lembaga Konsultasi dan Bantuan Hukum (LKBH) FH UII.
  • Notary Nelly Amali, SH.
  • The Law Office of Doddy, Supirman & Partner.

He is currently registered as a member of KKAI and IKADIN Yogyakarta.

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