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Syam & Syam Advocates & Solicitors

Law Firm Address : Jalan Sisingamangaraja No.11, Jakarta 12120  
Law Firm Phone : (62-21) 723-7773  
Law Firm Fax : (62-21) 725-0983  
Law Firm Website : -- N/A --  
The Firm


The Indonesian monetary crisis in mid-1997, which later became a full blown economic crisis, has made the country economic suffered such as dramatically price increased, jobless and inflation. The Indonesian economic turn down from one of the world's fastest growing economy into its slowest growing economy. The impact of the crisis on social-economic aspects of national development until now still persists, and it takes years to come to fix the problems created from the crisis. 

Further, prior to the crises, Indonesian economic began moving up creating an increasingly complex commercial and financial environment. This strained Indonesia’s legal system and expedited regulatory change. Changes in banking, bankruptcy, capital markets and foreign investment regulations have continued current crisis.   Reforms in company and commercial law are being implemented, while reforms in bankruptcy law and the banking sector have proceeded less smoothly than initially anticipated. These developments have stimulated demand for sophisticated and specialized legal business consulting services.

SYAM & SYAM is one of the Indonesian Law firms which are dedicated to provide quality litigation, corporate and commercial legal services. In the relation with the wild race of business competition, we are continually developing our expertise to meet any demands and requirements of the nature of our individual client’s business so that we may render better and better services to support our client’s businesses requirement from time to time.   

The Firm Overview

SYAM & SYAM was founded by M. Azis Syamsuddin, and has grown to become a multi-disciplinary practice. It was established with a worldwide optimism to develop legal science and expertise in the present era of globalization. All lawyer at SYAM & SYAM are encourages to adopt a progressive and proactive approach to the practice of law. Utilizing the latest technological developments and always focusing on its clients’ best interest, SYAM & SYAM is committed to offering a wide range of legal services and advice of the highest professional standard.

SYAM & SYAM  exist by the strong desire with respect to the development of legal products inter aria new banking law, corporate law, investment law, capital market, litigation and arbitration. We offer wide extend of professional legal services with prominent orientation on business and investment as well as intelligible advise thereof. The services to our client are involving practical business approaches, as well as high standards of legal expertise and knowledge. In relation with the wild race of business competition, we are continually developing our expertise to meet any new demands and requirements of the nature of our individual client’s business so that we may render better and better services to support our client’s business requirement from time to time. This advancement is enabled by paying close attention to the nature, operational areas and perception of actual issues of our client’s business. We determined to maintain the highest level of our client’s by offering maximum value and superior services in every aspect of our operation.

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Address: Jalan Sisingamangaraja No.11, Jakarta 12120  
 Phone : (62-21) 723-7773
Fax    : (62-21) 725-0983
E-mail : syam35@indosat.net.id


SYAM & SYAM'S Lawyers

SYAM & SYAM’S lawyers are graduates from Indonesian law faculties and are qualified to practice law in Indonesia. SYAM & SYAM lawyers have also studied and gained legal experience in other jurisdictions. Its foreign legal consultants are licensed to practice in various foreign jurisdictions.

SYAM & SYAM continuously seeks to develop the legal skills and specialized knowledge of its lawyers. Regular in-house professional developments programs help sharpen their legal skills and industry expertise. Language professionals are employed to improve their oral and written communication abilities.

SYAM & SYAM lawyers and staff are fluent in English and can provide documentation in Indonesian and English.

Practice Specialization

SYAM & SYAM lawyers are organized in practice groups in six board areas of specializations:

  • Banking, Finance & Major Projects
  • Securities and Capital Markets
  • Corporate / Commercial
  • Intellectual Property
  • Commercial Litigation / Arbitration

SYAM & SYAM has several lawyers/consultants, and it represent business clients in all aspects of commercial and corporate matters, including banking and finance, public securities offering, privatization, corporate finance, foreign investment and joint venture transactions, drafting, and negotiation of commercial contracts, merger and acquisitions, international trade and distribution, mining ventures, large-scale infrastructure and privatization projects, including in the power, toll road, telecommunications and water sector, labors and employment law, environments, and the emerging field of information technology. SYAM & SYAM has also developed a specialized practice handling certain commercial litigation matters and assisting clients with arbitration of their commercial disputes. SYAM & SYAM lawyers work in project teams cutting across practice disciplines when the firm is involved major regional transactions.

Specialist Services


SYAM & SYAM acts for financial institutions in all facts of banking and finance, including advice on documentation for commercial loans, syndicated loans, letters of credits, construction loans, projects finance, assets-based instruments, leasing and security arrangements, corporate finance, including convertible bonds and exchangeable bonds, and the issuing of Floating Rate notes (FNR) and Medium Term Notes (MTN). Our finance lawyers regularly advise clients on emerging legal issues in Indonesia’s rapidly changing financial markets.

The current economics crisis has caused many Indonesian companies, both publicly and privately owned, to undertake corporate restructuring in its various forms. SYAM & SYAM lawyers have been involved in major corporate restructuring assignments, both restructuring driven by creditor and by voluntary restructuring initiatives. SYAM & SYAM lawyers regularly advise companies and creditors’ committees on issues relating to restructuring and on developing strategies to undertake and implement a comprehensive restructuring plan.

A number of SYAM & SYAM banking, finance and major projects are experienced in infrastructure projects (e.g., water supply, waste water treatment, toll roads, electricity, pipelines and telecommunication). Mining is a major SYAM & SYAM specialization, assisting clients involved in developing Indonesia’s abundant resources (oil, gas, coal and minerals). Increasingly, SYAM & SYAM is called on to advice clients on environmental law and hazardous issues.

SYAM & SYAM securities lawyers provide a wide range of services to companies, underwriters, financial institutions and investment banks relating to debt or equity offerings whether public or private (local as well as international) and advice on capital market regulations. SYAM & SYAM securities lawyers regularly assist clients in mergers and acquisitions and restructuring activities undertaken by public companies. Indonesia’s state-owned companies have involved SYAM & SYAM in many of the major domestic and international public offerings.

SYAM & SYAM lawyers and consultants counsel and support clients in a wide range of corporate and commercial business law areas. This practice group has developed sub-specialization in the following areas.

  • Mergers and acquisition
    SYAM & SYAM is able to undertake M&A transaction regardless of size, complexity or location from beginning to close. In close cooperation with senior foreign legal consultants, SYAM & SYAM lawyers have acted for venture capitalist, multinationals, investment funds, private equity funds, strategic investor and domestic corporations in all types of M&A transaction. Our experience in structuring, negotiating and documenting M&A transaction is based on tailoring such transactions to meet all relevant legal, regulatory and tax requirements.

  • Foreign Investment and Joint Ventures
    SYAM & SYAM advises corporations from other countries within doing business in Indonesia. This involves advice on establishing joint ventures and other investment structures in a variety of industrial and service sectors, e.g., manufacturing projects, agro-business, insurance, telecommunications and information technology ventures and assistance in obtaining governmental approval and licenses. SYAM & SYAM also assists Indonesian companies doing business in other countries, coordinating its services with other correspondent law firms.

  • International Trade
    SYAM & SYAM lawyers are experienced in structuring agreement for the manufacture, supply, promotion, sale and movement of goods and services, both domestically and internationally through distribution, sales and agency arrangements, franchises and licenses. The firm advises on anti-completive trade practices under a new anti trust law product liability issues and on labeling and packaging requirements. SYAM & SYAM also has expertise in advising clients on government procurement laws and associated problems involving procurement practices.

  • Labor and Employment
    Particularly as a result of the current economic crisis, a group of SYAM & SYAM lawyers are advising clients on Indonesian employment law and framework of retrenchment negotiation and separation agreements.

    Clients also rely on SYAM & SYAM advice in immigration matters, particularly for expatriate visas, working permits and related government approvals. SYAM & SYAM works closely with experienced immigration consultants to help ensure timely processing and approvals.

  • IT/Telecommunications/E-Commerce
    SYAM & SYAM is developing a specializing in the convergent telecommunications, information technology, and electronic commerce and media/entertainment industries. This involves M&A work, privatization, IPOs and other securities offerings, direct investment, and joint ventures. The legal and regulatory issues may involve the formation of special project teams.

SYAM & SYAM provides advocacy services for civil litigation matters before Indonesian courts, including contractual disputes, bankruptcy/insolvency, general commercial litigation, and intellectual property rights litigation. SYAM & SYAM lawyers assist clients in formulating litigation strategies, assembling and analyzing evidence and handling matters at trial in addition, SYAM & SYAM also provides professional services to assist clients engaged in arbitration of commercial disputes in or outside of Indonesia.

About Founders

M. Azis Syamsuddin SE., SH., MAF., MH.

Date of Birth  31 July 1970

Work Experiences:

2004–present : Member of the house of Representative of The Republic Indonesia
2004                   : Chairman of SYAM & SYAM Law firm,   Jakarta
1995 - 2004 : Lawyer, Chief of Criminal Division (Partner) at Gani Djemat & Partners  Law firm, Jakarta
1994-1995 : Trainee, Panin Bank, Operational Development Program (ODP)
1993-1994 : Consultant, AIA Insurance Company

Educational Background:

- Krinadwipayana University (SE) (1993)

- Trisakti University (SH) (1994)

- University of UWS Napean, Sidney, Australia (MAF) (1998)

- University of Padjadjaran, Bandung  (MH) (2003)

Specialization: Criminal Law and Civil Law

Languages : Indonesian and English

Lawyers (profiles available on IndoAdvocate.com)
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