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Until now we have seen people publishing books about Lawyers or Law Firms as guidance to find lawyer or law firm in Indonesia. Unfortunately without buying the book or having the book in your hand, it is impossible for you to acquire the information you need. Joining IndoAdvocate.com will benefit you and/or your law firm in  introducing yourself and/or your law firm to the public. The following table shows the IndoAdvocate.com's advantages over those books.

Advantages For User

Description IndoAdvocate.com Books about Lawyers/Law Firms
Arranged systematically Yes Yes
Searching method Dynamic
---can combine many criteria---
---just using a static index---
Free Access Yes Has to buy first
Always available can be accessed from any where, both from Indonesia or outside Indonesia. Yes
just with Internet connection---
---you need the book with you---
Interactive Yes No
Complete details Yes Not Really
---the more details included, the thicker the page and the more expensive it become---
Always up-to-date Yes No
---need to be re-printed to add more information---

Advantages for Lawyer & Law Firm

Description IndoAdvocate.com Books about Lawyers/Law Firms
Can be updated any time Yes No
----need to wait for re-print----
Can be published right away Yes No
---need to wait until all other information are complete before printing the book---
Can provide a lot of information with relatively low cost Yes No
---the more information, the more expensive it will be---
Periodically advertised in print media and Internet Yes No

It is therefore we would like to invite you to join the IndoAdvocate.com community and be well-known. Click here to register.

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